Metal Spinning



Because of low tooling costs, manual metal spinning is used extensively for production runs of 1,000 pieces or less. We utilize deep drawn preforms in our metal spinning process. Metal spinning is an excellent means for quickly prototyping round hollow metal forms.  Metal spinning is carried out by the application of an even, levered force applied to metal uniformly by rotating the metal and its intended form (mandrel) at very high rpm’s. Metal is deformed evenly in the metal spinning process without any wrinkling or warbling. 

Our Metal Spinning Capabilities


  • Most Common Materials: Brass, Steel, Aluminum, Cooper.
  • Spinning thicknesses to 1/16″
  • Diameters to 18″
  • Full in-house chuck making
  • Capacity to 26″ diameter blank
  • Hand & lever metal spinning
  • Lighting components and more!