UNIVERSAL services a wide range of metal stamping and spinning needs across the nation. We service corporations of all sizes; fully capable of producing orders of all sizes with parts that range from the size of a sesame seed to 26” in diameter. UTM has true JIT capabilities and is proficient in prototype development. Our diverse metal fabrication portfolio helps us streamline production, increase output, and improve overall efficiency.

Proud to be “Made in the U.S.A.”.

Tool & Die   Our reputation is built on 75+ years of experience. Our tool and die department are experts at adapting existing stamping dies and progressive dies to our presses. We specialize in “in-house” custom tooling to produce parts that meet the exact specifications and high-volume production needs specified by our customers.

Materials  We produce parts from a wide array of materials: Stainless Steel, Cold-Rolled Steel, Aluminum, Nickle Alloy, Brass & Copper Alloys, Beryllium, Kovar, Molybdenum, Inconel, Phosphorous Bronze, Tantalum, Monel and more. Thicknesses: range from .005” (.127 mm) up to .120” (3.04 mm)

Full Press Room Our presses run from 5 ton all the way up to 200 ton.

Secondary Operations- secondary machining services such as deburring and trimming (often done on a lathe or CNC) are often required to truly complete a part. Our highly-skilled machinists help deliver faster turnaround, lower labor cost, shorter run length and high repeatability.

Sheet Metal Forming Sheet metal forming involves manufacturing processes in which the shaping is carried out without changing the mass, volume and material composition. However, forming changes the surface and properties of the metals to be machined. 


Shearing- The cutting action along a straight line to separate metal by two moving blades, like a scissor action. Machines used for shearing are called squaring shears. In shearing, a narrow strip of metal is plastically deformed to the point where it fractures at the surfaces in contact with the blades.


Notching- A shearing or punching process is used in a press, so as to cut vertically down and perpendicular to the surface, working from the edge of a work-piece.


True JIT Capabilities & Prototype Development

Deep Draw

Progressive Metal Stamping

Secondary Operations

Full Press Room

Reverse Draw


Material Thickness .001”-.200” contingent upon material, size & configuration of required part.

Stainless Steel


Nickel Alloys

Brass & Copper Alloys





Phosphorous Bronze





Design & Manufacture

Progressive Dies

Compound Dies

Secondary Dies

Assembly Dies