Universal (UTM) is a family-owned and proudly American-made metal stamping & tooling company. In 1984 it was officially recognized as a woman-owned company. For more than 75 years UTM has consistently brought experience, precision, growth & capabilities to the table of every project.

In 1945 at 115 Victory Road Springfield New Jersey Universal Tools & Manufacturing Company was established by Emil Augenstein, a 35-year-old German immigrant. At the age of 17 Emil came to America and worked at Westinghouse as toolmaker and inventor.

In 1982 Emil passed away and his daughter Dorothy became Universal’s CEO. To this day she continues to carry on her father’s legacy. In 1984, Dorothy’s daughter, Robin came on board making her the third generation. Today, a fourth generation is active in the business.

We are dedicated to the creation and production of cost-effective and durable solutions. Our parts stand the test of time, and have literally been to the moon and back again. 

While most of our products don’t usually end up in space, we continue a tradition of having an unbeatable reputation here on earth; providing millions of parts to a wide array of businesses.  

You can rest assured that we are ready to meet your metal stamping & tooling needs with care and dedication.


Universal Tools & Manufacturing Company (UTM) was established in 1945 by two German immigrants. It began as a small “mom-and-pop” shop, with very little equipment and depended on the entire family to chip in for it to succeed. Wives worked along-side their husbands on presses and children that were old enough had the task of “cleaning up”. In the early 1970 the partners dissolved the business and UTM continued under Emil Augenstein’s leadership and guidance until his death in 1982. It was at that time that his daughter Dorothy Principe took the reins, who continues to operate and grow the business today.

For over 75 years, Universal Tool’s reputation has been built on assisting major companies produce quality parts and components. Companies that include Raytheon, RCA, Westinghouse lamp division, AT&T lead frame division, Boeing Corporation, Eaton Corporation, and many more. Since its inception, UTM has continually meet the challenge of designing tools and dies that meet and exceed its customer’s specifications. Capabilities included deep draw, reverse draw, metal stampings and spinning. UTM parts are used in a wide range of fields and industries; from defense systems and communications to multi-media and designer light fixtures; to name only a few. UTM is recognized as a main supplier of vacuum interrupters that are used around the world. It has also been a JIT supplier for Eaton since the onset of their program.

UTM is deemed an Essential Manufacturer. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic the company remained open supplying parts for much needed ventilators as well as other crucial items.

UTM prides itself on rising to the challenge of providing innovation and creative solutions for its customers. By adapting and using many various materials our parts have become essential components throughout many industries. Our parts have literally gone to the moon and back.  As the world continues to change, businesses must also adapt to new demands.  UTM will always recognize the need for diversify both in what it does and who it serves. This includes each customer and employee.

Our company goal is to continually move forward; changing and keeping pace with the technology of today’s world. In its 76 plus years in business, Universal has acquired five companies and three major expansions to its building; all helping to serve and expand its customer base.

The acquisition of Atco products in 2010 allowed UTM to develop its own product line of decorative hardware that supplies the luggage and decorative boxes sector with hinges, latches, corner, etc.  Our latest acquisition, Williamsburg Metal Stamping and Spinning (in 2021) adds spinning to our in-house capabilities as well as increasing our ability to produce larger parts. Parts frequently used in theatrical lighting, speakers, automotive, etc.

Universal Tools & Manufacturing, is a fourth-generation company. We are a certified small business, woman-owned company and ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are continually committed to building on the foundation of quality, customer satisfaction, reliability and complete service built on Godly Principles.

Quality Control Guarantee

Universal prides itself on quality. We are ISO9001:2015 certified. This assures that from material sourcing and selection to shipping that every operational step along the way is inspected and approved to ensure the highest quality part. As the Quality Control process is managed, each and every operation and/or change is properly documented and saved for future reference. This allows consistency in both new and repeat jobs. As a result, we consistently meet and surpass our customers’ expectations.

Our high-level of customer satisfaction results from providing the highest-quality, precision stamped metal parts and services available. We continuously strive to excel in all manufacturing processes utilizing the best quality standards, ongoing workforce training, and well-maintained production equipment. Our dedication to quality is absolute and without compromise as we focus on delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Universal Tools & Manufacturing is committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations by utilizing technology to consistently provide competitive and innovative costs and cost savings on products and services, while providing quality and timely delivery. UTM focuses on continual improvement opportunities throughout our key quality processes for our internal and external customers that increase efficiencies and profitability.